Thomas Schueneman

Freelance Environmental Writer and Journalist

Telling a Human Story from an Environmental Perspective

Writing on environmental, social, and economic issues for more than ten years.

Publishing in TriplePundit, Slate, CleanTechnica.

Founder of TDS Environmental Media and the PlanetWatch Group

Corporate communications for the PepsiCo Foundation and Weber-Shandwick.

International reporting at World Water Week, Stockholm; COP15, Copenhagen; COP21, Paris; German Foreign Ministry, Berlin.

Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists


National Restaurant Association: A Greener Shade of Greenwash, Part 4
Over the past three days, we've seen what we've been calling "A Greener Shade of Greenwash" from the National Restaurant Association (NRA). In Part One we laid the foundation....
Scientist on Western Hudson Bay Polar Bear Population: "I Consider Myself a Historian"
Polar bear on the Western Hudson Bay - My recent adventure participating in the Earthwatch expedition based at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre presented a unique...
Looking to the Built Environment Will Lead to Sustainability
Earth Day is over for this year, but what is arguably more important than the day itself is the day after - and the day after that (and the day after that...). Earth Day serves...
McDonalds: Saving the Ocean or Fast Food Greenwashing?
by Thomas Schueneman Late last month McDonald's announced the addition of " Fish McBites" to the menu for their 14,000 US restaurants starting in February. Labeled as "juicy,...
Intersolar North America 2012: Solar Gets Down to Business
Clean Power The Intersolar North America Conference in San Francisco has wrapped for another year, and if last year's theme in my post-show commentary was " Solar is Ready to...
Solar is Ready to Launch: A Peek Inside Intersolar North America
Clean Power I spent two days last week at the Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco, speaking with key people within the industry, from solar panel producers to...
Tom Schueneman: Redefining prosperity and the fallacy of growth
This is a guest post by Tom Schueneman,a finalist in the TckTckTck Rio Blogger Prize competition. If you would like to see this entrant as the official TckTckTck blogger at...

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